Water tank cleaning service in Kathmandu

water tank cleaning service in kathmandu

 In Kathmandu, using a water tank is the norm. However, a disadvantage is that over time, debris, bacteria, and other contaminants can build up in the water tank over time. Your water tank can in the long run become a breeding ground for fungi and harmful bacteria and lead to water-borne diseases too. Even though you don’t drink this water, you use it for other essential needs like brushing your teeth and washing your dishes. so you must clean it once in a while. You can trust Painting Service In Kathmandu, when you want water tank cleaning service in Kathmandu for your home, villa or building. We are the leading and best water tank cleaning company in Kathmandu and can guarantee that your water tank will look as good as new after our service.

Best water tank cleaning service in Kathmandu

We take great pride in providing the best water tank cleaning service in Kathmandu over the years. Our expertly trained team is well informed and only uses cleaning agents approved chemicals to ensure your and your family’s safety and well being.

After the water tank cleaning service, you will be presented with a certificate that carries details of the cleaning date, the water tank cleaning company, and the next recommended cleaning date, as per standards.

How frequently should you clean a water tank?

As per the suggestion of health organization water tanks can be cleaned at least once a year, it is recommended to do it every six months. Hire a professional water tank cleaning company like Pranika Cleaning Service to ensure that the water tank cleaning service complies with the specifications.

What our Water Tank Cleaning Service Includes?

Water tank inspection

We inspect the tank to ensure all necessary pre-cleaning measures are undertaken before the service begins.

Dislodge and remove residue:We use a submersible pump to remove and collect any residue present within.

Water tank disinfection:We sanitize the internal surface and disinfect the water tank using cleaning agents approved by the WHO only. This eliminates all contaminants and ensures your safety after the service.

Mechanical cleaning and pressure-washing all tank surfaces:Our expertly trained team uses a powerful pressure washer and performs mechanical cleaning to ensure the water tank is thoroughly cleaned.

Dry and refill tank after review:Your satisfaction is important to us. Only after you review the water tank and are satisfied with the results of the service, we proceed with refilling the water tank.

What are the Benefits of Water Tank Cleaning?The benefits of cleaning a water tank are a lot and you can almost immediately observe the results of using a thoroughly cleaned water tank. From monetary benefits to health benefits, the pros of getting the tank or sump cleaned are just evident.We use a submersible pump to remove and collect any residue present within.

Improved water quality: When we remove all contaminants, the water quality significantly improves and eventually your quality of life.

Better tank life: In addition to ensuring a safe and sanitary environment for storing your water storage, regular maintenance can also help improve the condition and longevity of your tank. Better health, skin and hair. A clean tank not only ensures that you are safe from water-borne diseases it also gives you great looking skin and hair. An unclean tank may lead to deposits of harsh minerals that are bad for your skin and hair.

Reduce repair bills: Our team of water tank cleaning experts is well trained to inspect the other elements of hardware and will let you know of their condition and thereby save you from calling for further maintenance.

Some types of water tank cleaning services offered by cleaning service in Kathmandu

1. Sludge Removal

It is a rehab project, no doubt. But you need to stress on hundred percent perfection. It is a challenge to clean the tank by DIY methods. Opting for outside service can become expensive. But Bro4u has the perfect water tank cleaning vendor for any challenge or need and the rates are also cost effective.

When water gets stored, it is not as if only pure water comes from the pipes. Small leaves, dirt,  and sediment may also find a way to the tank. As time progresses, a layer of sludge gets formed. It can prove detrimental for your family health. Usually, the problems from bacteria are stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting and simple issues.

2. Removal of Dirt

Usually, in the DIY method, you can empty the tank. You can also clean the walls, floors by scrubbing. With patience in your heart and using time, you can remove the stains, fungus and sediments. But you can do this types of water tank cleaning activity only if you have a small home or a small place for storing the water. Our sincere advice – do not forget to wear a mask during the cleaning process.

But is it possible to remove all the dirt? You bet. Usually, professional dirt removal workers of water tank cleaning companies do the same work. But they then use a high pressure jet to clean the floors, ceiling of the tank. If not, the sediment and dirt takes only a short time to recur.

3. High Pressure Cleaning

High pressure cleaning – does the words ring a bell in your memory? You are right. You can use this option for water tanks in large apartments  or for industrial enterprises. The high water jet can remove grime, mud, dirt from underground or overhead water tanks. The high pressure water can clean, degrease, descale a surface from impurities. Left alone, they can become a breeding place for disease causing microorganisms.

4. Vacuum Cleaning

A most common word used in cleaning the house. In water tank cleaning, you need to do forceful scrubbing to remove the dirt and sediments on the floor. Now vacuum cleaning can suck the remaining dirt. Some of the professional water tank cleaners have specialized vacuum cleaning machines which can suck even the tiny dirt.

5. Mechanized Dewatering

Usually, huge wastewater treatment plants use this process. It always separates the liquid to solid and liquid parts. The process just breaks up the sludge to solid and liquid. Both the parts contain pollutants and pathogens. Please note, this service is used in big industries and it is very expensive. Usually, the process runs by automation.

6. UV Radiation/ Anti Bacterial Spray

Usually, anti-bacterial spray or bleaching processes can disinfect the tank. Among the types of water tank cleaning, this category is a tad different. The vendor will ensure the space is free from germs. So, even the pipes need to get cleaned. The reason, water passes through the pipes to reach the tank.


Devoid of natural resources, the population in urban cities have switched over to storing water in overhead tanks and underground sumps. As per home improvement experts, it is mandatory, in these times of rampant pollution to clean and make hygiene the water tanks.

Painting Service In Kathmandu is a reputed company in their vendor list which offer types of water tank cleaning service in Kathmandu. And they can do the needed work for –

  • Individual homes
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Office complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Malls
  • Corporate houses
  • Theaters
  • Housing societies

You can seek the services of a home maintenance company to hire water tank cleaning organizations. They offer services of high standard because of their advanced equipment and machinery.

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