Carpet Cleaning Service in Kathmandu

carpet cleaning service in Kathmandu

 Painting service in Kathmandu is a professional carpet cleaning service in Kathmandu. We offer effective and affordable carpet cleaning service in Kathmandu. It helps to extend the life of your carpet.  In addition to removing all these particles from the carpet, you can also prolong the life of your carpet by engaging professional carpet cleaning service.

Why you need to choose carpet cleaning service:

By using our carpet cleaning service in Kathmandu you will protect your expensive floor covering. We use the best techniques to clean and sanitize your carpet. This maintains the floor covering in  mint. Carpet cleaning may turn out to be a daunting task for you, particularly when the carpet is too dirty and large as well. Hence, it would be a wise decision to avail the  cleaning services at your doorstep. If you want to extend the life of your carpets, it is important to have the carpets cleaned by a professional cleaner.

How often do you need to clean your carpet ?

We recommend deep cleaning your carpets and rugs at least once a year. However, this schedule can vary depending on several factors in your household.  If you have pets, kids or a smoking habit, we recommend deep cleaning every quarter. This will keep your carpets grime free and in the best shape possible. Carpets are great for filtering out dust and allergens. But not so great when they build up. If you are vacuuming your carpets with a HEPA filter, you are one step ahead and keeping those allergens at bay. However, despite your best efforts, these allergens build up over time. Therefore, shampoo your carpets every two months to draw these allergens out and make the air breathable again. For bad allergies, consider bringing in a professional every three months.                     

 Shampooing your carpets is essential, but there are a few tips you need to remember.

  • Avoid over-wetting carpet since the wetness can stay in the pad.
  • All carpet to fully dry before moving furniture back.
  • Take your time vacuuming before shampooing.
  • Go slowly when doing weekly vacuuming to ensure you get all the particles.
  • Follow all the instructions when doing home shampooing to ensure a proper clean.

 Shampoo or steam clean your carpets at least every 6 months and consider having a professional cleaning service come in every 12-18 months to make sure your carpets stay fresh.

Benefits of having our carpet cleaning service in Kathmandu

 By keeping your carpet consistently maintained and having it professionally cleaned annually, you can increase the appearance and longevity of your carpet while contributing to a healthier environment. The spring season is a great time to have your carpet professionally cleaned to remove the dirt and debris that has settled in your home all winter. It helps extend the life of your carpet. Over time, dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris accumulate in the carpet and get embedded within the fibers which can eventually cause the fibers to split and deteriorate. Removing this build up of dirt and debris will help improve the longevity of the carpet as dust and other debris are more likely to adhere to a dirty carpet than a clean carpet.

  • There are some major benefits of carpet cleaning:
  • Extend the Life of your Carpet and Keep it Looking New. 
  • Removes Carpet Stains. 
  • Helps maintain a Healthier Living Environments. 
  • Eradicates Residue that may be left by a Rental Carpet Cleaners. 
  • Eliminates Soiling from High Traffic Areas. 
  • Contributes to the overall Clean Feel of a Home.

Our Carpet cleaning service in Kathmandu Cleaning process

We use the very best process to ensure that we bring new life back into every carpet we clean, removing spots and stains and getting out dirt, dust and allergens that are hidden deep within the is important to understand the different types of carpet cleaning methods used by different companies as not all carpet cleaning methods work for your carpet.

Here are the process of carpet cleaning of our company:

1- Pre- Inspection

Our  Cleaning  service starts by walking the room and looking for spots, stains, and signs of wear. We always walk with the client to ensure they know what condition their carpet is in and what we have to do to get it looking its best.

2- Vacuuming

Then we get rid of all dry soil by vacuuming. This not only makes the rest of the cleaning process easier, but it ensures no harmful friction is caused as we clean.

3- Removing Furniture

Please remove any valuable or easily breakable items from the area. Our team will be happy to assist in the moving of things that are easy to move such as chairs and sofas. Heavy and fixed items of course we are unable to move.

4. Filling the shampooer

Fill the machine with a directed amount of water and soap.Some shampooers have a removable clean water tank and others have a fixed water tank. Pay attention to the max fill line and do not add more water than it says. The line is there to make sure the machine runs properly.Choose a soap that is designed to work with the shampooer that you have because not every soap will work with every machine.Pay attention to whether the soap is added to the clean water or into a separate compartment on the shampooer.

5.Running the shampooer

Choose a corner of the room to start in, getting the shampooer as close to the walls as possible. Walk from that corner to the wall on the other side of the room. Then turn around, move the shampooer to a new line that slightly overlaps the first, and walk back towards the wall you started at. Repeat this process across the entire room.Shampooers take more time to work than vacuums. They have to shoot soapy water down into the carpet and immediately suck it back up.

6. Use wet vacuum cleaner 

 Use the wet vacuum to suck all the water inside the carpet. It helps to dry your carpet fast and it also sucks the dirty water and carpet soap and makes your carpet clean.A wet vacuum cleaner is specially designed to soak up liquids and moisture from a surface. This is particularly useful when the carpet is a bit moist after steam cleaning. Make sure to vacuum all four corners of the room to ensure all of the moisture has been sucked up.

7. Allow the carpet to dry completely before putting furniture back in the room

It can take six or more hours for the carpet to fully dry, depending on the carpet thickness and room size. Your shampooer may have instructions about drying time. Turn on an overhead fan or place fans and blowers at intervals around the room to decrease drying time.

How much time does it take to dry the washed carpet?

After the cleaning process is complete, the carpet typically takes 6 to 12 hours to dry. But wet carpet will take longer to dry in rooms with poor circulation, cold air, or high levels of humidity.How long a carpet dries will usually depend on the cleaning technique used. The two most common methods of carpet cleaning are dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Contrary to popular belief, dry cleaning isn’t exactly “dry”. Instead, it uses dry cleaning compounds along with minimal liquid to break down dirt, stains, and the like. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, uses hot water vapor and pressurizes it into the carpet to loosen up contaminants and vacuum them up.

Having your carpet professionally cleaned is an important part of home maintenance. It keeps your home hygienic and it preserves the condition of your precious carpet. That said, you need to ensure that the carpet is completely dry before you can walk on it. Follow these tips to make drying times more manageable than it usually is. 

How to clean the carpet at your home?

It’s important to protect your furniture, carpet padding, and subfloor when cleaning carpets. Grab a partner to help you remove furniture from the room where the carpet is being cleaned.

  1. Vacuuming carpet:

Carpet functions like a giant air filter, collecting our home’s dirt and dust.By just quickly vacuuming the high-soil areas in the entries and toward the front of your home, you can add years to the life of your carpet.While vacuuming, take your time and use overlapping strokes.A good vacuuming will pick up dust, dirt, and particles, so the carpet steamer can get to the deep-down debris more readily.

2. Treat Carpet Stains:

Take care of stains as soon as they happen, if possible. Most carpets today are made to resist liquid penetration for a time, so if you simply blot (don’t rub!) it dry with a clean cloth right away, the stain might not have a chance to set. Treat any set-in stains or heavily soiled areas with the appropriate stain removal technique for the type of stain. Many carpet stain removers and treatments can be found in your kitchen or amongst things you already have on hand.

3. Use carpet cleaning machine:

For deep cleaning, use a rental carpet cleaning machine (if recommended by the carpet manufacturer) or hire a professional carpet cleaning crew to help; they’ll help you choose the best carpet cleaning solution for your home. If you choose a wet extraction method (see below), make sure the carpet dries completely within 24 hours to prevent mold or mildew growth in the carpet or padding and to stop moisture from damaging the floor underneath.

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